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Sep 20, 2012 5:00pm EDT
and below 40's close as westminster. made for the's up to hartford county. hartford it was chilly this morning. it was a good deal of sun and high clouds moving through. niceoks like it will bee through the evening hours. temperatures are still comfortable. mid to upper 60's in the western part of the state and about 75 degrees. not as cool as last night during uncomfortable though. mostly clear skies. in light of the saudis. the south wind is going to start to warm things up. there will be a little bit of a warm up. it drops back to fall cool north and west of the front. the front comes through the first part of the weekend. at the end of the weekend it will start to feel like fall again. tomorrow, sunny skies and a few fairweather clouds. storms will stay well to our west tomorrow afternoon. our next best chance of a shower and thunderstorm comes with an actual cold front. there uld be thunder, but it keeps moving, and that means thunder is pretty nice. it will be a little breezy, but sunny skies come tomorrow. it will be a little humid. the sun rises at 6:54. wind out of the so
Sep 21, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. >> and we thank you for joining us tonight. hartford law enforcement takes another hit losing a member of the aberdeen police department. mark franklin battled cancer for about eight months. cheryl has the heavy hearts in hartford. >> reporter: the detective is the second death for the police in less than two weeks. mourning has now become part of the job for the department. a blocked drape and broken heart continue to cover the police department, meant to honor detective franklin who solved several cases for 13 years. >> he lot lot of the battle he taught others in the process of how they could carry themselves. >> reporter: he became aware of more frequent headaches in january. he found he had cancer that spread into his body and brain. how he lived is the focus of his family. >> he never complained. the nurses, doctors, over 30 different doctors treated him and they all said he never complained. >> reporter: his mobile crime lab is out received police headquarters where mourning now part of the job. on september 8th a detective fell 37 feet off an exit ramp of interstate 95. he w
Sep 9, 2012 10:00am EDT
night. we were in north hartford. we had a lot of the convention. chris murphy has got to continue what he is doing. getting out there and getting his message out. when you come from a congressional seat and you already had $9 million drop against you and you are in the process of trying to raise money, the way that you have to push back is through a grass- roots, organize, field-oriented ever. chris is going to have to lose the money. he is never going to be able to beat mcmann. at the end of the day, the voters in connecticut will take a look at what is real here. and they will also look at the top of the ticket, both with the romney-ryan plan and its impact on the state, and what president obama and chris murphy and his democratic colleagues are proposing here. but i think chris is going to do an extraordinary job. and listen. he is going to have to be able to match that money. he has indicated the senate is going to come in -- chuck schumer as indicated the senate is going to come in and help out. with the amount of money that is eing spent and super pac's, grassroots is important.
Sep 30, 2012 6:30pm EDT
of rain but came down quickly. we'll look at our h.d. doppler radar and covers cecil county and hartford and baltimore county, a part of carroll county and baltimore county and carroll county getting significant rain just northeast from towson towards the bay, southeastern, there's an area of intense rain and more scattered stuff to the west, parts of montgomery county and frederick county as well and is moving to the east so we could see a few showers this evening but a bigger rain is on the way for sometime early next week and we'll detail that with the weather forecast in a few minutes. >> and now to the race for the white house. we're a few days away from the first debate between barack obama and mitt romney. both candidates are looking for a tense face-to-face showdown and we get the latest -- latest from brian mooar. >> after going to church, mitt romney hunkered down for the first dress rehearsal of the presidential debate. it's an important opportunity to reboot his campaign and reintroduce himself to the american people. >> i think debates matter psychologically to the country a
Sep 27, 2012 4:30am EDT
in the area. be careful the roads are going to be slick. and if you are traveling in hartford county, we have emergency construction on ruth route 1. if you are using 95, no delays from hartford county to white marsh. here's down at 395. not much activity, there are no delays traveling through the fort mchenry tunnel. not too many cars out there just yet. so it will be an easy ride all the way down to the beltway and it will remain clear as you get onto the jfx. >>> time 4:45 and five things you need to know on this thursday. mothers against drunk driving and victims and survivors of drunk driving crashes will be in dc. >>> lieutenant governor anthony brown and health officials are taking part in health care reform today and to discuss maryland's health benefits plan and select the state's benchmark plans. >>> a pavilion and pedestrian bridge being unveiled today as part of the 6 million-dollar renovation project. today's event includes an art exhibit called off the wall. >>> nasa is holding a news conference today to talk about the findings from the curiosity rover. >>> we also have the wild
Sep 27, 2012 4:55am EDT
getting hit hard with rain. frederick and in hartford county seeing a lot of rain. do be extra careful if you are traveling the areas. roads are going to be slick. we have emergency construction that's underway right now in hartford county. it's right along the northbound lanes of route 1. and if you are use 95 there are no delays from bel air all the way to the white marsh area and a live look outside here at 695 in parkville, everything up to speed. no problems traveling on the inner loop, and the outer loop clear up to 83. over to you. >>> stay with us this morning. the orioles lost two straight games, toronto, but last night a whole different story. >> we're going to take a look back, where the o's bats erupted erupted. >>> and the new school lunch menu leaving them hung restricts so the creative way they have set out to protest the low calorie foods that they are now being forced to eat. krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will hel
Sep 4, 2012 11:00pm EDT
over 155 square miles. >>> a hit and run crash injured a hartford county woman. the vehicle involved in the crash is a 1997 light blue lincoln town car. the car struck a 28-year-old woman who was taken to shock trauma and has since ben released the driver has not been arrested and so far no charges have been filed. >>> police are still searching for two people responsible for a fire in dennys in hartford county. deputy state marshals are trying to find a person of interest at the time of the fires. the fire was set in the bathroom. anyone with information is urged to call the state fire marshal's office. >>> a man charged in the stabbing death of a 25-year-old in es, over the weekend. christopher wolf is charged with mirs degree murder for the death of daral lovet, jr. he was arrested at the scene. they were acquaintances and he's being held without bail. >> tonight the democrats kicked off their national in charlotte, north carolina. >> the most popular star of the party, first lady michelle obama. >> reporter: tonight first lady michelle obama, brought down the house. her speech wa
Sep 6, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. >>> tonight the hartford county sheriff mourning after a deputy died in a single car crash along route 1. the governor has also ordered the state's flags to fly at half staff in honor of the corporal. we have more on what happened. >> reporter: on a lonely stretch of the road in the early hours of the morning a deputy with the hartford county sheriff's office lost control of his car and then lost his life as it slammed into a nearby tree. >> we are trying to recreate the moments from the time he came to work until this accident. this time he -- the evidence seems to indicate he was on his way home. >> reporter: the sheriff said a passerby sought wreck just south the bridge on route 1 and called it in using the deputy's radio. the victim had spent much of his adult life with the agency. he comes a long line of law enforcers including a father who was retired as a baltimore city homicide detective and member of the aberdeen police department as well as a younger brother. >> something that has me concerned is that his brother also works for us as a deputy sheriff. so, this is -- this is k
Sep 21, 2012 5:30am EDT
a crash up in hartford county on pulaski highway at oakington road. if you're on 95 in the area, there will be no delays and it will remain clear bel air to the white marsh area. witness you get to route 43, you're looking at 15 minutes to downtown baltimore. take a look at 695, east side clear here, nothing to get in your way has you head up toward towson. >>> many people will probably be hitting the road over the next couple weeks to take in all the sights of the leaves changing. take the smart phone with you. it could be one of your best friends. there's a new app that will find the best places to get a glimpse of the foliage colors. >>> o's fans can support the bird and we are live at camden yards with a preview coming up. >>> thank you for joining us. the orioles are in boston now and the team is asking you to johnson is along for the ride and joins us this morning, dressed to kill. you look like you're in the spirit. >> reporter: i am so ready here. we are right in front of the ticket counter at camden yards, popular place starting tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. to the general pub
Sep 14, 2012 4:30am PDT
think you from bottom in the hartford always been there for me. i look good to see in your gum rubber had good to august. >>> officer of the news appeared privately with a 21 gun salute ritual is the this is no ordinance is being blamed for that failure to replace 43 mi. of natural gas line and the city. pg&e once to replace the old cast-iron pipes but in the letter to the city attorney he says that the public works the problem when a lot because of the street. in accordance with the seven cisco ethics commission is in no to the suspension of a good at listening his case to the board of supervisors up to the new liberal election. the board would have 30 days to act. a critically injured when a colleague woman is improving after being hit by a pickup. her mother-in-law was killed on impact with the driver was arrested and released pending further investigation. >>> the bus lookback in march ke what he street in the castro district when he struck in another person. who died from the injuries. his loot facing a family vehicular manslaughter charge. >>> is an elephant and affected by the
Sep 4, 2012 6:00pm EDT
that is generating an occasional tropical thundershower. hartford county, that cell is weakening. there are other showers and pennsylvania, some severe storms in and around the philadelphia area to our northeast. the potential is there for a shower and even a rumble of thunder. this is not going to go away immediately after sunset. for some areas, the downpours will be significant. if you look at our precipitation, you will see some hot spots in southern pennsylvania and baltimore county in the past 24 hours. since yesterday, areas to the north are getting a good soaking in parts of new jersey. but notice in anne arundel county, not a lot of rain to measure. today just a trace. that means for the month of september as we work our way through the first few days, we are below normal. for the year we are 5.5 inches below normal. i temperatures in the upper- 80's. the normal is only 82. we'd beat that by quite a bit. it is currently in the low-80's. downtown baltimore, 81 as the rain shower pass through. 73 on the coast. 70's in the mountains. temperatures will stay in the 70's tonight. if you suburb
Sep 6, 2012 12:00pm EDT
. now for an 11 news of date. the hartford county sheriff's office is mourning the death of one of its own. a deputy was killed in a car crash. the 14-year veteran was at the end of this shift when his car went off the road. according to video, it appears the car collided into a tree. because of the crash remains under investigation. maryland cultural officials are trying to get in front of the recent cases of west nile virus. labor and goods across central maryland will be sprayed. -- neighborhoods across in central maryland will be sprayed. -- across central maryland will be sprayed. officials are urging you to stay in -- inside if you live in that area. >> this reduces human exposure. >> for more information and a map of areas to be sprayed, it to our web site, coming up, clinton delivers a firing rallying call -- a fiery rallying call to democrats. hear about the speech everyone is talking about. and we will enter your pet questions. questions. from the first hands-free system, and micro-climate controls powered by twinchill technology, the new ge french door refrigerat
Sep 6, 2012 5:00pm EDT
their messages on >> the hartford county law enforcement community is in mourning after a share of died in the line of duty. he was driving an agency car when he crashed into a tree in the 4700 block of route 1. a motorist called 911 using his police radio. the corporal was pronounced dead at the scene. authorities have ruled out foul play and distracted driving as possible causes. we will have more on the investigation and on the corporal nella 6 pm >> the man convicted of killing an empty police a officer by slamming his pickup truck into the officer posing cruiser will spend two more years in prison. it was in two dozen for when pickup truckelli's hit the back of a cruiser. that crash killed officer ducke aaron the third. >> the gunman remains at large. detectives say it is -- it 10:00 p.m. fore t the man was demanding to see a person whom the president did not know. he fired several shots. that woman is being treated at vean area hospital. she is expected to recover. >> still warm and muggy. temperatures cooling off but not until the weekend. we will have to keep an eye on t
Sep 2, 2012 5:00pm EDT
in another location, and just before 2:00 a.m. on the 22 lauterbach of hartford street. -- 2200 block of hartford street. >> it scares you. >> police are looking into things and they say the thieves are looking for anything of value. residents fear that the invasions will not stop until the man behind them are behind bars. >> people are very concerned. nobody would want to get hurt over things that make no sense. >> cynne simpson abc 7 news. >> in politics, the senior campaign adviser of mitt romney took to the airways to attack the obama economic record. they were looking for those who may have voted for the president back in 2008 but who are disappointed now. that of course, is clint eastwood talking with an invisible president obama. the romney agent also said he did not speak about the war because the former governor did so the day before while at the american legion. the president is not taking things too seriously. he told "usa today", "if you are too easily offended you probably need another profession." and in charlotte north carolina, the dnc kicks off at the time warner aren
Sep 28, 2012 6:30am EDT
in parkville at hartford road. inner loop nice and clear down towards 95, but that outer loop, again, problematic here. it will be sluggish up towards towson. that's a look at your abc 2 news time saver traffic. megan, over to you. >>> we're following some breaking news out of anne arundel county this morning. seven people have been displaced following a two-alarm fire at a mobile park. you're looking at a map of the area we're talking about. but more specifically it happened in lothian. it broke out before 4:00 this morning on 26b street. it started at one mobile home but quickly spread to the one next door. an elderly woman had to be rushed to the hospital. we're told that she is suffering this morning from smoke inhalation. we do have a crew on the scene right now. they're gathering all the video and all the information. as soon as we can get that to you, we will make it available either on the air or on >>> when you're home during the day, the last thing that you expect is somebody to kick in your front door and break in. but it is indeed happening in howard county
Sep 9, 2012 5:00am EDT
if you seek interactive radar in full screen. >>> an off duty hartford county police officer was killed after falling to his death from interstate 95. he worked as a canine officer for the aberdeen police officer. it comes after the death of a sheriff's deputy. >> the aberdeen police department is mourning the loss of one of their own. hess killed in what the department describe as a freak accident, a freak accident that's rocked this hartford county community. >> he should be remembered as a really good guy. >> according to police who are investigating the case, the off duty officer was travelling with 10 or 11 family members and friends in a limousine type bus early saturday morning. a spokes person said the bus was returning from washington, d.c. when it suddenly pulled over on the shoulder of northbound i 95 near the russell street exit in downtown baltimore. authorities tell 11 news at some point he got out of the vehicle and somehow ended up falling off this ramp about a 47 foot fall to his death into this wooded area. >> i can't believe it. >> joy scott of bel air lived next door
Sep 2, 2012 10:00am EDT
the american revolution. but washington is on his way from hartford be where he's been meeting with the french general who they were the two people who ultimately won the war at yorktown later. and he's coming back to west point to visit the works and inspect the fort. after the midnight meeting, skipping a lot of amusing details, andre had to put on civilian clothes and go back to his headquarters in new york city by horseback. so we have washington and his entourage headed from hartford to west point, andre going by horseback down to new york city to get the troops mobilized, get up the hudson river and invade west point. when andre gets to the bridge at tarrytown across the river, i think, he's stopped by three men. some people say they were thieves, some people say they were militia men on guard duty, and they couldn't agree on a price with andre to release him, so they took off his boots, some say to see if he was carrying spy information, some say to see if he had money in his boots, and they found maps of west point and documents in arnold's handwriting. one of them said we better turn
Sep 3, 2012 2:30am PDT
will get a break. you'll see a lot of sunshine from hartford northward. all of the humid air will win out. if you're in the humid air mass this time of year, you're going to get a chance of a shower or storm. we have a few of those around philadelphia, around the jersey/pennsylvania border. you may want to grab that umbrella there. northern new england, you're dry today. not all storms. but they will be hit and miss. we're still very hot. and the fire danger once again, very high throughout much of the west. we haven't seen much cool or chilly air. we get cold fronts in montana and the northern plains. but you're well above average today, with temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. 93 in kansas city. got a little bit of rain. now, the dry weather pattern and the warm weather pattern has returned throughout much of the middle of the country. anybody traveling to the west coast, not looking at issues. nice for the labor day forecast. just dodging the showers on the eastern seaboard. >> don't forget the umbrella, unfortunately. thanks, bill. >>> this is "first look" on msnbc. nks i hamybdom
Sep 28, 2012 4:00am PDT
in motion topped expectations by selling more blackberrys than predicted. prudential plans to buy hartford's life insurance unit and another record on mortgage rates. the 30-year fixed fell to 3.40%, the 15 dropped to 2.73% time now to take a look at the markets, and matt shapiro, president of mws capital, joins us for a closer look. matt, how much do you think the markets will key off earnings from nike and research in motion today? > > well, we've got the end of the quarter, a little bit of window dressing, and people are snapping up rim, because it didn't lose as much as people think, and when you look at the numbers, they have a lot of cash - just about a $4-billion company - and although their products have been a disaster, it's sort of like a slice-and- dice - what's it worth with their installed base, angie? > > matt, you're a big money manager, so you too have to do some window dressing. what stocks are you buying or maybe even selling? > > you know, the last few days we had a little bit of a soft market. the market had fallen, what angie?, like six out of seven days. finally it sn
Sep 6, 2012 6:00pm EDT
enforcement. >> his law enforcement career began at the hartford county detention center and he became a patrolman in 2008. he often handed out sheriff office lapel pins to kids. the transfer speaks to his dedication and character. >> he was very caring, concerned person but when he went to work he was all business and he is one of our better deputies and he will be sorely missed. >> the corporal is survived by his father, a baltimore city homicide detective who recently retired and his mother, grandmother, and a brother who is also a share of's deputy in harford county. david collins, wbal tv 11 news. >> officials say this is a tragedy waiting to happen. that is the word from the state police, talking about the growing trend veloz truck drivers to park along interstate 83. officials will be out in the hunt valley area where it is happening the most. parking along the controlled access highway or by other highways can be a major factor in deadly crashes. drivers should plan ahead and make arrangements and if they have to park, to do with of the interstate. -- off the interstate. >> ton
Sep 7, 2012 11:00pm EDT
tomorrow. up in northern hartford county, and in the weekend, crossing the susquehanna. a couple of isolated cells came through northern frederick. officially, and bwi marshall, nothing. we hold at .81 so far for the month, they little below normal. it was 88 to date. the average is only 81. the record is in triple digits, in 1981. 75 down at the coast. warm and muggy conditions cover most of the state, but cooler temperatures are coming our way. minnesota has dropped to 48 degrees. that fall-like air mass is moving in our direction. but the front is colliding with muggy air to the east, producing a heavy line of showers and storms will have to get through. the front is marching into northwestern pennsylvania right now, and will arrive in baltimore tomorrow evening. strong storms, and behind it, cool air. the second half of the weekend, it will be a lot different. we start on the warm side of it. hop -- hot and breezy until the late afternoon. from 5:00 until 6:00 or 7:00, it will approach the western end of the bay. hamas -- but the line of thunderstorms could be strong tomorrow
Sep 10, 2012 11:00pm EDT
of baltimore, hartford, and cecil counties. she was registered to vote in both states that they believe is a clear violation of maryland law. she also voted back in 2008. he the executive director has called for to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. the governor's office announced the eight-day trip today, o'malley leading a delegation of a elected and civic leaders. o'malley is scheduled to speak of renewable energy conference. he is expected to meet with prime minister netanyahu. >> of the governor was on hand for today's special welcome home ceremony honoring a lesbians and apparel ambience at the downtown in the harbor. the biggest draw was michael phelps, but it did not end when that ceremony was over. the party looks like it is going on there. >> people shouting out to them, michael phelps definitely made the rounds including stops at tonight's game and over at the inner harbor. michael phelps said the other olympians serenaded by the high school marching band as they sailed into the inner harbor. once felt stepped off the boat, he was greeted by cheering crowd. >> i
Sep 28, 2012 12:00pm EDT
. -- howard county and what montgomery and but less than baltimore and hartford and cecil county. last night's rain kind of filled in the areas that yesterday morning's rains did not catch. it is all evening out along the way. pollen is suppressed a little bit by all the rain. not much is being generated anyway. the pollen count is low for -- and even mold spore is low. we still have some warmer air here. right up into our area before it hits this friend. temperatures, the orange, right up to 80 degrees. upper 70's to low 70's -- where you see the yellow, and the green, the temperature starts to drop back to the 60's. pennsylvania and western maryland. 54 in oakland right now. here is a wide view of the satellite. clouds way to the north. you can see the sun breaking through a round the chesapeake bay region. clouds picking up to the west. the front is lined up over the act -- area. we still have something to go through during the day. the key to this next batch is it looks like this area of rain will be skewed a little farther south. as it passes through, most of the rain will probably be s
Sep 27, 2012 5:30am EDT
into the beltway at hartford road, everything moving along just fine, but the road is going to be very wet. a lot of lightning in the area as well. be sure to slow down. be extra careful as you head out. for those of you in ann arundel county, that is a look at the abc 2 news time saver traffic. >>> a popular brewery is getting creative in flavors of beer. >> we're going to bring you the latest brew headed your way. this one could make your hair stand on end. [ harry umlaut ] that's one creamy muller. [ sally umlaut ] it's greek-style yogurt. this greek style yogurt has style. you can say that again. why thank you. this greek style yogurt has style. okay. stop saying it now. you're sending me mixed messages. [ male announcer ] muller. the european for yummy. >>> so a brewery's new blend raising eyebrows and could be included in two. >> oaks ail brewery made some mild yeast that it's harvested from a beard. what's with that guy. it's from a beard. >> that is an impressive beard. >> he has not cut or shaven his beard since 1978. they swapped his hair, found some yeast, and that's now a beard beer.
Sep 27, 2012 6:00am EDT
, the beltway, everything is moving along just fine at hartford road but the roads going to be brett and slick. be -- to be wet and slick. be careful. and getting down towards 95, that is a look at your abc2 time saver traffic. >>> all new for you this morning, the nfl has reached a deal with refs to get them back on the field immediately. this is great news for ravens fans because the first assignment for the zebras, baltimore tonight as they host the cleveland browns. linda so is here with reaction, as what many are calling an early chris man fan. >> those replacement refs would have been on the field tonight had the nfl not reached this tentative agreement. you remember what happened monday night when things came to a boiling point. the replacement refs were under fire for that questionable call that gave the sea hawks the win over the green bay packers. it was after that missed call that the two sides got serious about negotiations. for weeks now, coaches, players and fans have been frustrated with the officiating by the replacement refs. it gives the real refs better pay, pension and bene
Sep 27, 2012 6:30am EDT
the push down towards loop 40. here's the bellway in parkville at hartford road, the outer loop a bit sluggish. that is a look the a your abc2 time saver traffic. >>> all new this morning, finally that's what many of you may be saying this morning after news broke just after midnight that the national football league and referees are reached a deal ending a stalemate that could have done damage to the on field program. and it begins tonight here in baltimore. >> they're first game back on the job will be tonight at m and t bank stadium when the ravens host the cleveland browns. couldn't be better time. those replacement refs would have been on the field had the nfl not reached this tentative agreement. you remember what happened monday night when things came to a boiling point. the replacement refs were under fire for the questionable call that gave the saw hawks the win over the green bay packers. after that call the two sides got serious about negotiations. coaches players and fans have been frustrated with the o -- officiating by the refs. for football fans especially those ravens
Sep 3, 2012 11:00pm EDT
radar. a shower in southern hartford county. there will be more showers like this toon, tomorrow -- tonight, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. you get the idea. what a labor day this was. rain on and off with a little clearing at times. the official end of summer today with rain on the board walk and we have to show our fishing pier. some good fishing in the fall yet. it's not over yet, but it's starting to feel like it a bit. at bwi, we're talking a dewpoint of 75 and a temperature of 77 degrees. e as the air ever gets around here. i've seen it get closer to 80, but that's unusual. that's asmuggy as an air mass as we've had all summer. temperatures are mid-to-upper 70s and with this to in of hew -- type of humidity, be ready for showers as you go back to school tomorrow and more on wednesday. i think we may begin to see some improvement. a light southeast breeze helps to pump up the moisture. temperatures are still around 80 right now. rain, all kinds of rain. just to our south and west most of it in west virginia leaking into the central part of the valley. so this is alrea
Sep 11, 2012 11:00pm EDT
will say their good-byes to a hartford county corporal. he was killed last weekend in a car crash. a viewing was held. his funeral will take place tomorrow at mountain christian church. >> across the country and right here we remembered what happened 11 years ago today. thousands died during the september 11th attacks. 68 people were lost from hour state. today they gathered at the memorial with the police and fire department right there at. it was built with two steel beams the wreck of the towers. the county executive said we remember the victims as well as the heros who saved lives. time hasn't healed the wounds for everybody. muslims say it's a reminder. >> i think for most of our past ten, 11 years have been reasonablely quiet. >> the doctor who -- the president of the maryland chapter -- said while the backlash is still there it's minimal. >> there were tributes across the country today to remember those lost. >> and this year's ceremony different from years past at ground zero. >> reporter: we all remember where we were 11 years ago when we first heard the news. >> li
Sep 12, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. still more of this gorgeous, gorgeous weather. bell air made a great finish to the day in hartford county. beautiful sunset here at our lady of perpetual health. and now we're looking at a cool night with temperatures in low 60s. look at the beach at 57 now. the water temperature is still in the mid-to-upper 70s both in chesapeake and along the atlantic coast. the water is going to be pleasant this week. moisture levels are dry across the state. comfortable. that's why it feels so good out there and why we cool off so quickly. that lack of humidity allows the air to cool down more quickly. not a cloud in the sky. clear for now, yes, and for the next day or so, but this front has the possibility of showers late in the day on friday. at least a few of them. and then we think this is going to move off shore for saturday and sunday. so the weekend forecast actually is looking improved now. high pressure will hang on for another day or day and a half. here's that frontal boundary. you see that potential for showers in front of it into friday evening. a lot of the rain is going to be up
Sep 13, 2012 11:00pm EDT
new hdabc2 weatherbug camera. looking from hartford across into cecil county. beautiful start. little fog on the river. look at that. rolls in, then we get that fog lifting, sun on tap throughout the afternoon and into the afternoon. not a cloud in the sky. man, just beautiful weather and then we push toward sunset this evening and we see some nice improvement out there. how about back here in baltimore. more sun as well and again all across maryland today it was a beautiful kind of day. no question about that. tonight very nice. 60 degrees. humidity at 80% but the dew point number 54. moisture in the area comfortable. increased cloud cover. about 11:00, clouds roll in. tomorrow evening we could see showers in western maryland but the project is for those to fizzle out. i just have a feeling that nothing more than a stray shower or two tomorrow night. then into saturday, conditions look clear and pleasant. in the big picture, fairly impressive line of sures from michigan back down through oklahoma. large frontal boundary. we get those a lot in september. a chance, certainly on saturda
Sep 21, 2012 6:30am EDT
. this is parkville at hartford road, no problems on the inner loop getting down towards 95. the outer loop is nice and clear all the way up to york road. back to you. >>> 6:46 right now. michelle obama will be in baltimore this afternoon attending a fund raising event at morgan state university. it starts at 3:00 and will take place at the murphy fine arts center. ticket prices rain from $250 to $1,000. students only have to pay $25. next week she'll join her husband on the view. the president and first lady again are going to be joining the hosts on the couch on tuesday, the couple's first joint appearance for that show. mitt romney is scheduled to appear next month. the taped interview is part of the red white and view campaign, focusing on political issues. >>> the reverend al sharpton is in washington, d.c. to support same-sex marriage in maryland. he's having a news conference at the national press club. also attending, a minister of about an 8,000 member church in prince georges county. maryland voters are deciding whether or not to allow same- sex couples to marry in our state. that issue i
Sep 5, 2012 9:00am EDT
, and they were pretty vocal about it. eventually, that opposition culminates in the bottle called the hartford convention which met in hartford in 1814. extensively, the purpose of the hartford was to pressure the federal government to provide better defense than new england, which england did not think they were doing a good job of by 1814 and doing more by getting tax money to pay for the defense of new england. that sort of thing, but so the republicans suspected that this was really a plot, and what the federalists in the hartford convention wouldn't do is either succeed from the union or make some sort of arrangement with the british that declared new england neutral in the war, which they wanted no part. now, none of that actually came to pass, and even to this day, historians have not been entirely clear what the hartford convention was about. they were careful not to leave a significant paper trail. we have no records of their debates. its actions were considerably mored moderate than rhetoric suggested, but it was the most extreme map -- manifestation of a symptom of the widespread fe
Sep 10, 2012 2:30am PDT
temperatures. 61 degrees at this point. 58 in hartford. will see a few patches of light frost tomorrow morning up around old forge, central portions of new york state. some of the first areas generally to see cooler temperatures in the northeast. that's kind of that first sign that maybe we start to begin that transition of seasons. for the most part today fairly quiet. may see a few pockets of light showers. some of those towards the capitol district. albany getting in on some of that. 69 degrees, your daytime high in boston. cooler temperatures will not last all week but the next couple days. we'll start to see numbers creeping up from new york up towards boston down towards d.c. there's a look at the southeast. at least towards tampa, there are a few pockets of showers, maybe isolated thunderstorms this morning possible there. will likely see that coverage kind of increasing as we work through the afternoon. so something to keep in mind traveling around central, southern florida, orlando and all the way back down towards miami by later on this afternoon. look wall to wall across the country
Sep 19, 2012 4:00am PDT
with the hartford institute, m.i.t. labs has developed several new technologies: cars equipped with better headlights and warnings for drivers when they're backing up, changing lanes and checking blind spots. jodi olshevski was involved in the study. she says such enhancements will be featured first in cars most attractive to older drivers. "typically when new technologies come out, we see that they're most often built into the luxury end of these vehicles, which actually works well for the over-50 crowd because they're the ones buying these cars. but over time, we see that these technologies are integrated into the entire fleet of vehicles." olshevski says you should talk with your dealer, who will be the 1st to know when these new technologies roll out. former peregrine financial ceo russell wasendorf sr. pled guilty on monday, accused of mail fraud and lying to customers about investment returns. he also admitted to lying to regulators to cover his tracks. wasendorf will stay in jail while a judge determines if he's a flight risk. the job market is getting an early christmas present fro
Sep 4, 2012 5:00pm EDT
and eastern hartford county. it has been holding together well. no lightning but there are some strikes around philadelphia, an indication of the instability. we might see a thunderstorms across central maryland during the evening. so far, a trace of precipitation. we have had about a third of an inch. there have been areas in and around the region that have had 2.5 inches of rain. this is not necessarily indicative of the region. it is just this location. for the year, we are 5.5 inches below normal. the high today almost to the 90 mark. 89 at the airport. the average is 82. 90 right now in downtown baltimore. the eastern shore. it is a very muddy out there. it will stay warm overnight. the potential for a scattered showers through the night at any time and a little patchy fog will likely form during the overnight hours. tropical moisture into the mid- atlantic and it is slow to get out of here. we will hoping we can kick some of this stuff out of here. it will take a couple of days for the front to get here and it will enhance their chances for showers and storms. winded 5-10. on the day tom
Sep 11, 2012 5:00pm EDT
and hartford counties are trying to figure out what to do after building burst into flames yesterday afternoon. he saw it first on 11 news yesterday at 5:00 p.m. and breaking news from skyteam 11. crews were not cleared from the scene until 11:00 last night. the plant was vacant and there were no chemicals inside. the biggest problem, the building is a historical site and cannot be demolished. no injuries were reported. a massive wildfire in idaho has burned over 280,000 acres and for every bag equations may be looming for residents. -- further evacuations may be looming for residents. high winds have pushed the wildfires to just within miles of tw communityo. -- within miles of two communities. they are attacking the blaze from of the ground and air crew cracks house speaker john boehner delivered a warning saying that talks to prevent us from going over the so-called fiscal -- fiscal cleft might not work. steve handelsman is on capitol hill with the latest. >> democratic and republican lawmakers stood together to remember is 9/11, but they are so far apart today on the budget. the top republ
Sep 19, 2012 5:00pm EDT
estimates what happens. >> thank you. is the man at the center of a cannibalism case in hartford county fit to stand trial? that's what a court judge is considering after postponing a competency hearing late this afternoon. the man is accused of attempted first-degree murder with intent of the assault on morgan street -- of a morgan university student, beating him with a baseball bat and leading him blind in one are -- and blind in one eye. police say he also killed a family friend, cut him up, 8 his heart and part of his brain. >> to overnight fires in northeast baltimore being investigated as cases of arson. police say they were started with molotov cocktails. we have been following the late breaking details. let's go live now to police headquarters with more on the investigation. >> 12 apartments were destroyed. six adults and one child were taken to hospital. all of those in hospital are in good condition. fire officials say it's a miracle no one was killed. >> just before 4:00, the call came in for a fire on an apartment building in northeast baltimore. >> i heard somebody threw a bott
Sep 21, 2012 5:00am EDT
by patterson park. here is a live view of traffic. a 95 by the hartford tunnel. fort mccann rate checking out well. -- fort mchenry checking out well. that is the very latest on traffic and weather. let's get to the latest on the buses and trains. >> a happy friday to you. we are moving along nicely. on the buses we have diversions. 58 bus due to construction at willow bend. 27, 33, 57 91 buses diverting, also construction related. light rail is on time. >> good morning everyone. not quite as chilly as the last couple of mornings, but you might want to take a light jacket. 52 in parkton. you can see slightly warmer air out to the west. 66 in kansas city. some of that was lead over towards us. we may sneak into the 80's tomorrow. we will make it into the upper 70's today. cloud cover this morning. a lot of sunshine today. some of this cloud cover in the mountains will make it over towards us. there is no precipitation around us. there were a couple of showers and western pennsylvania, but they are now up by new york state and southern canada. this one by st. paul might give us a chance for sho
Sep 28, 2012 4:55am EDT
, hartford county, bel aire, getting in on some wet weather this morning. our last stop takes us down to anne arundel county, shadyside, deal, we are wet this morning. some light showers across this area. so we talk about what's going on in terms of temperatures and we had that temperature in jessup now at 65 degrees, so we are quite mild, very reminiscent of what we saw yesterday, the day before that. we're waiting for this area of high pressure to build in, but this front has been on the pesky side, very slow mover, but, of course, it's stalled out, so that's why it's not going anywhere anytime soon. future trend not picking up on a whole lot for today. maybe another shower this afternoon along the eastern shore, but we work our way into lunchtime, temperature right around 77 degrees and by sunday more showers. let's get a check now of the abc 2 time saver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, lynette. as you mentioned we are dealing with a lot of rain, so the roads are going to be very slick. in addition to the rain, 're also dealing with fog, so you will want
Sep 18, 2012 11:00pm EDT
hundred in baltimore city and in hartford county. now abc 2 is maryland's most accurate forecast. when we are not on the air check out the weather center on our web site. james. >>> have a suspect in custody in connection with the shooting last week on the campus of morgan state university. abc 2 news christian schaffer has been following this for us. he's live tonight in the news room. >> it looks like a drug deal went bad inside a first floor bathroom of the student center. one man was shot. the other ran out of the building. fortunately people not only saw him running but came forward to say so. >> this shooting led to a lockdown at the morgan state campus last week. the victim fell right next to this trash can outside the student center. the suspect ran away. he has now been identified as 20-year-old kelly ellerbee. police credit community intelligence for identifying him, in other words, people who were inside the student center when the shooting happened came forward. >> we do have numerous witnesses who were there at the scene and through talking with us were able to identify mr. e
Sep 7, 2012 4:30am EDT
with weather and traffic on the ones. >>> that ball way in on hartford. we're going to have issues warned. here come the benches and p bullpens again. >> here we go. we've got ourselves a brawl. >> the nats success is making other teams testy, perhaps. the benches cleared twice last night with one leading to pushing and shoving and three ejections. might have been spurred on by an earlier ruckus when the coach is tossed from the game for yelling not so nice words at the nats. they played some baseball, too. the nats pounded the cubs, 9-2. i'm thinking these teams, you can't beat them so start hitting them. >> that's a little extreme. these things happen. >>> 4:41 is the time the live look outside as we look at 7 2 degrees outside our side yous. not too bad, veronica. >> that's right. uneventful day coming up. i like that it may after yesterday's rains we had come through early in the day. look at the temperatures right now. a little cooler than it's been. the humidity is a little lower. 70 degrees. springfield, virginia, 66. your afternoon, 87 to 91. we get the heat today because we're not goin
Sep 27, 2012 4:25am EDT
hartford and cecil county. what's going to be happening the next couple days is we'll still be dealing with this weather front that's been north of our area. we were on the warm side of it yesterday with temperatures in the low 80s. we'll on the warm side of that front for today. we've got a chance of rain back i think during the late afternoon and evening hours. here we are at 7:00. you can see some of the heavier rain and even some thunderstorms coming back into our area. so for a good chunk of the day, we'll be looking at a partly sunny sky and some pretty warm conditions. so that front is right over us tomorrow. so chance of some storms a lirt earlier tomorrow. as far as this afternoon, a chance of isolated thunderstorms. after about 5:00 p.m., temperatures will climb in the upper 0s to low 80s again. so it will be a short sleeve kind of day for the college students, for the kids heading off to high school. today they're probably going to be wearing the short pants. 66 to 73, isolated thunder for the evening. looking better with a slight chance of a shower coming your way sunday. >
Sep 12, 2012 8:00am PDT
prashad joining us from trinity college in hartford, conn. his latest book is called, "arab spring, libyan winter." this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. when we come back, kurt eichenwald will join us to talk about secrets and lies in the terror war. his new book, "500 days." ♪ [music break] ♪ [music break] >> this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman with nermeen shaikh. >> one day after the 11th anniversary of the september 11 attacks, we begin the show by talking about newly disclosed documents that provide further evidence the bush administration ignored repeated warnings about osama bin laden's plans to attack the united states. writing in "the new york times," journalist and author kurt eichenwald reports the bush administration dismissed a number of warnings of an al qaeda attack in the u.s. beginning in the spring of 2001, instead of focusing on iraq and saddam hussein. eichenwald writes -- >> to talk about the significance of these findings, we're joined by the author himself, kurt ei
Sep 8, 2012 8:00am EDT
the honor. ring factory in hartford county. whitehall in prince georges county and pocomo. more parochial schools received a special distinction. baltimore county notre dame prep, saint augustine in howard county, andrew white in saint mary's and saint peters in montgomery county. lisa? >>> the women's industrial exchange is back. this time with back to school for parents and kids. thank you so much for coming in. >> thank you. this is a treasure in mount vernon. today you're doing classes. >> yes, we are. >> we're doing classes on how to make a book cover. you can take a paper bag. >> that's what mom used to do back in the day. >> the class goes on from 11 to 3 today. the book covers. we added on some wax paper where you can write on this with dry erase. >> you're gonna show how to wrap this paper. then you write on it with a dry erase. you're suggesting, school calendar right under here. september. you put your days and week. put math class. you can write on this. with a dry erase marker. >> and it will wipe right off. now you have something that's multipurpose. recyclable. after you fi
Sep 9, 2012 9:00am EDT
accident. a freak accident that's rocked his hartford county community. >> he should really be remembered as a really good guy. >> according to the maryland transportation authority police, who is investigating the case, the off duty officer was travelling with 10 or 11 family members and friends in a limousine type bus early saturday morning. a spokes person said the bus was returning from washington, d.c. when it suddenly pulled over on the shoulder of northbound i-95 near the russell street exit in downtown baltimore. authorities tell 11 news at some point armetta got out of the vehicle and somehow ended up falling off this ramp, about a 47-foot fall to his death, into this wooded area. >> i can't believe it. >> joy scott of bel air lived next door to the family for almost two years before the family moved out a few weeks ago. scott's four children adore the officer, who they call mr. charles. >> a great police officer from what i could tell. great, great neighbor. i mean, there's other people in this neighborhood that are very upset by this. >> armetta is the second police officer to
Sep 19, 2012 9:00am EDT
'll head to christine in hartford, connecticut. good morning and what's your call, your question? >> good morning. over the years i've had a hard time saving money to buy a home partly due to the cost of renting. i've been lucky to have a few stocks in the stock market and considering selling them for a down payment on a moderate home. if i were to do this, is it smarter to sell most of my investments to put a 20% down payment and avoid pmi, or sell a smaller amount and pay the pmi? >> all right. what do you think christine should do? >> quick question for christine. is this all your savings you're talking about? do you have emergency savings, a 401(k)? >> we have a 401(k). this would be considered my retirement savings, and part of my retirement savings, but i have multiple 401(k)s and we do have a smaller savings account. >> all right. so i wouldn't completely sabotage your savings in order to buy a house. it's a good time, of course, mortgage rates are really low, but when you said that you were going to buy a moderate house i am going to hold you to that, because the problem that peop
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